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If last summer was a low point in Danny Rose's career, this January could turn out to be a highlight.

The Spurs full-back went into the break carrying a knee injury.

The revelation comes after his wife Joanne Mas reportedly kicked him out of their marital home, for becoming involved with a shifty crowd.

A source told the publication of their affair: 'For a while they were head over heels and had a wild ­sexual relationship.

However a BBC spokesperson told the paper: 'He’s filming as usual – nothing has changed.

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These things should be remembered when parents are considering their son's future. 'Never let it be said that Bates is an oracle when it comes to players leaving his former clubs.The 2012 movie tells the story of John (Danny) who lives a double life despite being a married man but his secret is let out the bag when he does something heroic.For the role, the actor and actress were required to practice their lines together and share smooches.It was reported last week that Danny has been living in a hotel in Hertfordshire while he films BBC soap East Enders, despite only living 19 miles away.However the Mirror now reports that he was kicked out by his wife, when she discovered he was texting friends who she deemed a bad crowd.

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